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Emily: You wanna hear something funny? 
Paige: I would love to hear something funny.
Emily: When I was trying to talk myself into being interested in boys, I would look for guys like you.
Paige: Like me how? 
Emily: The kind that would pull me up on stage and get me to sing… because I would never do that on my own. 

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paily paily anchors they've come so far!

 Since these two prompts were similar I combined them. Hope this works :) [[MORE]]

Paige really shouldn’t make it a habit of following people especially alone. That’s how folks died in movies, heading into danger before backup could arrive or even know she was there. It didn’t matter how many martial arts classes Paige took or how many sessions of self-defense she’d been too. None of that would matter if she ran into A right? Whoever this person was had killed people and gotten away with it, but at least the knowledge and experience made Paige feel like she stood a better chance and it definitely meant she wasn’t ending up duct taped in someone’s closet again. The classes had actually been what helped her through her PTSD. Something her therapist has suggested as a way to feel in control again. It’d helped more than she could express because it not only meant she had a better chance of keeping herself safe, it meant she could protect the people she cared about, Emily being at the top of that list.
So sure, tailing someone in a black hoodie wasn’t the wisest choice she’d made that year, but the minute they headed into Mona’s house, Paige knew something wasn’t right. She slid on her own pair of gloves and pulled her hair up under a beanie before sliding into the house after the figure. She made sure to remain completely silent and hidden around each corner so as to say out of sight. Her plan was to stay in the shadows, to listen to the conversation, maybe pick up something that would be helpful to Emily and her friends, but the minute she heard Mona scream her gut instinct kicked in, forcing Paige around the corner and through the door to Mona’s bedroom.
The minute she slammed through the door, the hooded figure turned, revealing both her face and a large knife in her hand, already covered in blood… Mona’s blood. Paige didn’t have a second to even comprehend the situation before her, instead she darted forward as A lunged in her direction, the two women colliding as Paige’s hand grabbed A’s wrist, preventing her from driving the blade into her chest.
“Mona! Go!” Paige yelled, struggling with A. “Call the cops!” A panicked as she saw Mona stand, hand clutching her side as the girl went for her cell phone. She immediately changed targets, letting go of Paige and racing for Mona. But Paige wasn’t done, she tackled the blonde to the ground next to Mona’s bed. “Mona! Get help!” Paige wrestled with the woman on the ground, doing her best to pin her to the carpet, crying out in pain when she felt the metal slice the skin on her shoulder wide open.
A used this as the chance to press the blade to Paige’s throat, the only thing separating the swimmer from death was the tight grip she had on A’s wrist. Not even thinking, Paige spit as hard as she could right into A’s face, the distraction enough to allow a sucker punch straight into the woman’s kidney. As she doubled over, Paige ripped the knife from her grasp and threw it across the room, rolling onto her so she had A pinned, now with a much more confident grip on the woman’s wrists.
“The police are on their way…” Mona whimpered, slumped against the door frame as she kicked the knife even farther out of her room.
“You got anything to tie her up with?” Mona nodded, moving over to her dresser and producing a set of fluffy pink handcuffs. Paige shook her head. “I don’t want to know…” Mona leaned over and handcuffed the woman to the foot of her bed as Paige held her wrists tight. Once they knew she was secure, they both moved away from A, Mona helping Paige to her feet.
“You saved my life…”
“Don’t mention it…” Paige smiled, putting her good arm around Mona’s shoulder. “I mean really don’t mention it… I have to go….” She saw the blue and red lights flashing outside and soon she head the officer’s feet on the stairs.
“Miss Vanderwaal? Are you okay?” the policewoman shouted.

“In here…” Mona looked towards the stairs to see the police coming in. By the time she’d turned back around, Paige was gone and her window was open. It was easily a 20 foot drop straight down, but Paige was nowhere to be found.

“You sure you know what you’re doing?” Lucas shrugged.
“Can’t be any worse than sewing the jacket for my Star Lord cosplay?” Paige shook her head, wincing as the needle and thread travelled through her skin.
“Are you ever going to tell me how you got this?” Lucas finished the stiches and began wrapping her shoulder.
“No… I mean. Here…” Paige grabbed the remote for his TV and turned it onto the local news channel.
“Allison DiLaurentis was arrested today after assault a fellow student, Mona Vanderwaal. Miss Vanderwaal is stable and currently being treated at Rosewood hospital for stab wounds. Miss DiLaurentis came out of their scuffle with only a few bruises, but by the looks of it, she’ll have plenty of time to contemplate her actions in jail since she’s being held without bail. And now we will hear a statement from the lead investigator, Detective Tanner.” The news caster finished and the camera cut over to a press conference being held outside of City Hall.
“We have reason to believe that this is not Miss DiLaurentis’ first attack. Our evidence suggests she will not only be tried for assault but also for the murder of Bethany Young. That is all we can say at this time.”
Lucas shut the TV off and moved in front of Paige.
“You’re telling me… that you’re the reason Allison was caught?” Paige smiled, standing up to pull Lucas into a hug.
“I’m pleading the fifth.” Lucas hugged her back, a wave of relief washing over his whole body.
“Screw Batman, Paige McCullers, you are officially my favorite superhero.”
“And mine….” Emily stepped into Lucas’ bedroom planting a kiss on Paige’s lips before she could even object.
“How did you know I was here?” Paige pulled away, keeping an arm wrapped around her girlfriend.
“A little Robin told me.” Emily winked at Lucas before kissing Paige again.

 Since these two prompts were similar I combined them. Hope this works :) 

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I absolutely loved the update. I can't wait to read what happens next. I hope Paige gets to Emily before Alison gets her. I hope you update really SOON. Thank You;)

Aww shucks! Thanks! I’ll be working on an update this weekend, so keep an eye out! 

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When I think I am ready for the first day of rugby



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yep pretty much sums up how I'm feeling
Paily after 5x12 :)

A/N: So it’s sort of after 5x12 towards the end. I may have ended up just writing Paily after each of the scenes they had, aka what was not shown on camera… hope that works too :) 

Words: 1,072

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Prommmmmpts! Send me your prompts all you wonderful people. I’m in a writing mood and want to dive in once I’m home from work. You know you wanna….

Prommmmmpts! Send me your prompts all you wonderful people. I’m in a writing mood and want to dive in once I’m home from work. You know you wanna….

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"Oh all the comrades that e’er I’ve had
Are sorry for my going away
And all the sweethearts that e’er I’ve had
Would wish me one more day to stay
But since it falls unto my lot
That I should rise and you should not
I’ll gently rise and I’ll softly call
Good night and joy be with you all.”

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mona mona vanderwaal rip mona PLL won't be the same without you

Paily, Mona and Sociopaths… Oh My.

PLL… I come back from Rugby practice and this is what you give me? 

Vent mode activated: 

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paily pll paily anchors pretty little liars

Let Her Go - Paily

Just something I threw together before episode 5x12. It’s more about their break up and I wanted to get this out before what I hope is their reunion in the next episode. Let me know what ya’ll think. I’m a bit rusty because it’s been a minute since I’ve made one. 

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Calm Before the Storm (Ch 8)

New chapter for my Paily story: Calm Before the Storm. Enjoy! 

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paily paily anchors paily fanfiction calm before the storm story