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Just wanted to post some pictures of the Holiday book for Lindsey Shaw that you guys helped make awesome! Thank you to everyone who participated! You guys rock. 

Book Facts: 

Total contributors: 89

Total pages (and i totally typed paiges at first): 127

Cover made by:    zelda-pennyflip  

 [A Day in the Life of a Paily Anchor: Minister-for-Femslash and theparanoicislogical found some great essays, comments, poems and more that the original posters let us use to add to the book. However, we got so many letters that there had to be a whole other book for these! The idea of the book is to take the reader through a journey, kind of like a day in the life of a paily anchor. ]


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Letters to Lindsey FAQ
We’ve gotten a bunch of questions from people since our original post, so we thought an FAQ would be handy so that things are a bit more clear. Feel free to keep asking questions and we can add them to this list as we go! 
  • What is Letters to Lindsey?  It’s a book that we’re making to give her for Christmas, full of letters, drawings or even just a line or two telling Lindsey how much you love her work or what she has done for you. 
  • When is the deadline? SOON! The end of the day on December 16th. 
  • I love this idea, but I want to hand write a letter instead of type it out, can I do that? SURE! We rented a PO box for this exact reason. Just send your handwritten letter to:  Lindsey Holiday Book
    14444 Magnolia Blvd. #181
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
  • I have so much to say but I can’t fit it on one page? We are fine with a few pages; we just don’t want someone writing a 50 page story to her. We have to save room for everyone!  
  • I want to draw something and write a letter, can I? Yes! 
  • What I write will be super personal, will anyone else read it? LadyWinthrop and I will scan through the submissions just to make sure there is no hate mail sent to her. Other than that, these will be for Lindsey’s eyes only. 
  • I really want to write something, but I’m super nervous, what if she doesn’t like what I write? Lindsey loves her fans, we all know that. I’m sure whatever you say if you mean it and it’s from the heart, it will be wonderful and she will love it. Don’t worry! 
  • But I really suck at drawing and writing and I’m scared it won’t be good enough for her! Nonsense. It’s the thought that counts and most likely you’re probably much better than you think you are. There is no ‘good enough’. Anything you contribute she will appreciate. 
  • Should I include page numbers if my submission is multiple pages?  What about my twitter name or tumblr name? Like I said above, a few pages is fine and page numbers can be helpful especially to those putting the book together. If you’d like to add your twitter or tumblr to your signature, you’re more than welcome to, but it’s not required. 
  • Can I email you my letter? Sure just send it to with subject: Shawsters Xmas Book.  You can also send electionic submissions to  LadyWinthrop’s submission page (here).

If you’d like more information check out the orignal post (here) and feel free to shoot myself (art-is-all) or Ladywinthrop (ladywinthrop) a message if you have further questions! The deadline is close so get to writing and drawing! Remember no message is too short, no image is too small. It’s always the thought that counts! 

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“I dreamed a dream. It was horrible.”

“I dreamed a dream. It was horrible.”

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Anonymous asked: what is "love is louder"?

Here is an excerpt from the official site:

Love is Louder was started by The Jed Foundation, MTV and Brittany Snow to support anyone feeling mistreated, misunderstood or alone. It’s hundreds of thousands of people just like you who have turned this idea into a movement.  A movement of all types of people who have come together to raise the volume around the message that love and support are louder than any internal or external voice that brings us down.”

Learn more here:

Anonymous asked: (your tumblr)/post/31326894396/windy-requested-these-gifs where i can find this video from these gifs?

It’s from a series of short clips the cast of 16 Love did for their kickstarter. :) 

UPDATE: Letters to Lindsey - Holiday Book


Hello Anchors and Shawsters, 

As some of you know, we launched the Letters to Lindsey: Holiday Book project a couple days ago.  Just wanted to give a couple updates for this project.

A couple of you inquired about mailing something handwritten in, so art-is-all has graciously offered to rent a PO Box for a month just for this project.  When sending something handwritten (or hand drawn if you are an artist) please keep in mind the dimensions of the book.  We’d hate to have to cut anything out to fit or to make you redo your submission.

The book will be using the regular 8.5 by 11 letter size paper (this I believe is called A4 for those not live in the US) and making it in landscape style.  There will need to be room left for binding on the left so start all your letters/artwork 2 inches from the left. Basically you will have a 9” width by 8.5” length surface to work with (per page, you can submit as many pages as you’d like). Diagram below: 

if this doesn’t make sense or you need more clarification, feel free to send us stuff in our askboxes.  E-mail submissions we can go head and format this to fit so don’t worry about formatting emails.  

Also, some of you seem to be concerned that you may not be creative enough, or eloquent enough to write something for this book. Don’t worry about it!  You can write as little, or as much as you’d like.  There are no guidelines, no “not good enough” pages.  I know some of you have more personal stories to share regarding Paige, Kat, or Moze, and some don’t.  That’s okay.  You could even just write “Happy Holidays Lindsey, best wishes for a new year,” or draw a stick figure of yourself saying hi and I can honestly say, Lindsey would be just as touched to read those from a fan.  This girl really does appreciate her fans, so let’s share that back with her.  The key thing here is participation!  The last thing we want to do is present Lindsey with a thin small book, it would just be embarrassing and I know there are a lot of Shawsters out there.  Let’s represent, for her!  

  • If you are uncomfortable with using your e-mail to submit you could also just drop your submission to either art-is-all’s submission box or mine.  
  • E-mail submissions go to: with subject: Shawsters Xmas Book.  
  • If Mailing in submissions please just drop us a note in our askbox to let us know to look out for your submission.  Also remember to give extra time for post office delivery.  Mail-in submissions can now be sent to:

Lindsey Holiday Book
14444 Magnolia Blvd. #181
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Once again the deadline is End of Day of December 16th.  Hope to see more submissions start coming in!

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Anonymous asked: Regarding the Shawsters christmas book, when you say e-mail submissions, does that mean we type out a message via e-mail for you to print/write it so we don't have to mail a letter?

That’s correct! Just shoot us an email and we can print it out. If you have a specific standard font you’d like, just let us know ;) 

Letters to Lindsey: The Holiday Book

Hello Anchors and all Shawsters:  A couple of us were shawshanking one night about Lindsey’s work, how much Anchors relate to Paige McCullers, and how her joyous personality & love for her fans has brought us all together. We thought that  since Lindsey Shaw has brought us so much joy over the years: making us laugh as Kat Stratford, relating to her as Paige McCullers, or wishing we knew a girl like Jennifer Mosley in middle school, that we could do something in return to say thanks. Christmas is fast approaching so we came up with the idea of a book of letters from all of us: her fans! We’ve seen quite a few of you here post letters to the Anchors, to Paige McCullers, why Paily matters, etc. We also know that you’ve wanted to express some of these feelings to Lindsey herself and that Lindsey gets so much love from hearing how her work has been able to touch people deeply.  So we thought this would be a perfect give and receive for both the fans and Lindsey.  Basically you write a letter to her, send it to us and we will turn it into a book to give to her for the holiday season. 

The letters can be anything you wish to say, whether it’s about Paige/Paily giving you courage or maybe you’re a feminist like Kat, or maybe you’ve just been a fan that’s followed her since Ned’s.  Or you’re just happy she’s brought you to a community of others like you.  If you’d rather draw something instead of write a letter, go head.  Heck, if you just want to say “Happy Holidays” you can have a page just for that.  This is your medium to express yourself.  We also know that some of these letters will be personal, so we (Windy and myself) will not be reading them, this is for you to Lindsey.  We will however have to quickly skim the submissions to make sure no haters have found their way into the project.  And also we ask that you be respectful in this, don’t ask her to marry you, or date Shay,etc etc. Remember this is meant to be a gift to her after all.  Basically, please try to not write a 80,000 word fanfiction novel about why you two are meant to be.   We just want to make sure nothing inappropriate makes it into her book. 

These can be typed or handwritten and scanned or mailed.(if you choose to mail please remember that the post office gets crowded in December so to be aware of getting it in before the deadline. Send us a message in our ask box to get the address!)

She has touched all our lives in some way or another and what better way to say thanks then a beautifully made book letting her know that she has some of the best fans out there and that we’re so grateful she is who she is.  We hope to have a lot of participates in this so that we can create a big book for her!  We’d hate to just see a 5 page book, let’s aim for 500! 

So get your submissions in!  Let’s for now say the deadline is the end of the day, December 16th, that way we have time to collect everything and make the book.  This is the type of book we are aiming for  Any amazing artists out there (and we’ve seen your work and know you’re amazing!) if you have any suggestions for cover designs we definitely welcome them, and will probably be asking for your help. 

E-mail all submissions to: with subject: Shawsters Xmas Book.  And if you have any further questions feel free to submit them to us! ( Art-is-All or Ladywinthrop ) 

More info here! 

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